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The most important points at a glance


The wide-ranging and profound marketing diploma course covers everything you need to know about marketing. They will rarely find a course with such a strong practice reference. You only learn things that really help you – all ballast is omitted.


You will not incur any travel expenses, no hotel charges and you will not have to sacrifice any more weekends. You can watch the video lessons of the diploma course at home, at the company or on the road on a PC, laptop or smartphone. And that in the high Rusch quality with at least four cameras, comoderators, etc., so that the watching is also fun.


However, they are not left alone with the implementation because there are also “live elements”. This includes a participant / expert forum, live webinars as well as the opportunity to visit a translation workshop in Switzerland.


Due to the progress indicator, you always know which lessons and modules you have already worked through. In addition, there are interim audits and final audits.


You can either book the complete course with the 24 modules or the modules individually.

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Ich bezahle in 3 bequemen Monatsraten von EUR 147,–- (der Ratenzahlungszuschlag ist darin bereits enthalten).